Revolutionizing AI Chatbots: Ragu AI's Double RAG System for Reliable and Accurate Interactions

The Double RAG system by Ragu.AI uses two Retrieval Augmented Generation systems to enhance chatbot accuracy and reliability. The first generates responses, and the second, powered by GroqCloud, verifies them, significantly reducing errors and improving customer service efficiency.

Revolutionizing AI Chatbots: Ragu AI's Double RAG System for Reliable and Accurate Interactions
Robertson Price
Robertson Price
April 12, 2024
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In the rapidly advancing field of customer service technology powered by Large Language Models (LLMs), AI chatbots are becoming indispensable tools for streamlining interactions. However, they also pose significant risks to businesses if they ever, even occasionally, produce inaccurate or unreliable results. To counter these challenges, Ragu.AI has launched the Double RAG system, an innovative solution that leverages two distinct Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) systems. Working in tandem, these systems greatly enhance the accuracy and reliability of chatbot communications.

Why are AI powered Chatbots so important?

The growing indispensability of conversational AI in modern business practices is underscored by both industry trends and tangible success stories. A recent survey conducted in September, involving over 300 IT and call center leaders, revealed that 80% of respondents view conversational AI as essential for their companies. More than half—52%, to be exact—have already invested in these technologies, reflecting a robust adoption rate and underscoring the critical role AI plays in enhancing customer service and operational efficiency.

One standout example of the practical benefits of AI deployment is Klarna, a fintech giant known for facilitating e-commerce transactions for major brands like Expedia, Macy's, and Nike. By integrating an AI chatbot across its operations, Klarna has achieved remarkable efficiencies. The chatbot, doing the work of approximately 700 full-time customer service agents, handles two-thirds of all customer inquiries.

The Motivation Behind Double RAG

The initiative to develop Double RAG arose from high-profile errors in existing chatbots, such as a well-known incident involving an Air Canada chatbot that mistakenly offered promotions that didn’t exist. Such errors underscored the need for a robust system that could prevent misinformation, thus preserving customer trust and brand integrity. Our clients were eager to enjoy the potential of AI powered Chatbots, but understandably hesitant to pull the trigger given such high profile chatbot failures. With our nerve calming Double RAG solution, we also feel we’ve discovered a fundamental molecule/building block that enriches all our advanced LLM solutions (some of which can run many thousands of parallel processes and can take multiple days of compute time to complete - that’s some rich analysis!).

Understanding Double RAG

Double RAG represents the forefront of chatbot technology, utilizing two independent RAG systems to ensure superior interaction quality. The initial system crafts responses based on corporate data, potentially including FAQs and other vital information. Subsequently, a separate RAG system assesses the accuracy of these responses. This strategic separation significantly reduces the risk of repeated errors, as each system operates autonomously. While the concept of a gut-check might make intuitive sense, the LLM practitioners reading this will likely raise concerns about efficiency and speed… Never fear, we deploy a powerful not-so-secret (anymore) weapon: GroqCloud. GroqCloud plays a crucial role by enabling lightning-fast evaluations. With this critical advancement, our Double RAG system conducts not one, not two, but three rapid checks, ensuring that each response is thoroughly vetted and then promptly delivered to the user.

How Double RAG Works

The functionality of Double RAG is both thorough and efficient:

  • Initial Response: Upon receiving a user query, the first RAG system quickly generates a response based on integrated corporate data.
  • Evaluation: The response is then sent to a second RAG system running on GroqCloud, which evaluates its accuracy against updated and comprehensive datasets. 
  • Outcome Determination: If the response is verified for accuracy, it is sent to the user. If not, the second RAG system either lends context to the first system to try again to generate an accurate response, or can deliver a well-crafted default message to maintain engagement without propagating incorrect information.

For example, a user inquiring about return policies would receive a response initially generated by the first RAG system, which is then swiftly checked by the second system. This ensures that the information provided is accurate, up-to-date, and aligned with official company policies.

Benefits of Double RAG

Double RAG significantly enhances the accuracy and reliability of chatbot responses through its dual-system approach. This method effectively reduces the incidence of errors and ensures user satisfaction by providing reliable and contextually appropriate responses.

Furthermore, Double RAG is designed for seamless integration with the entire Ragu suite of advanced LLM offerings and outside connectors. Its scalable architecture efficiently accommodates varying interaction volumes, particularly during peak periods, ensuring consistent performance.

Technical Implementation and Customization

Questions about Double RAG often focus on its implementation and flexibility:

  • System Details: Double RAG utilizes two separate RAG systems, with the critical evaluation phase powered by GroqCloud's fast processing capabilities, which ensures rapid and accurate response validation.
  • Customization and Integration: Ragu.AI collaborates closely with clients to tailor Double RAG according to specific business requirements and brand identities, ensuring a smooth integration process that complements existing infrastructures.
  • Security Measures: Upholding the highest standards of data security, Double RAG employs robust encryption, secure data storage, and strict access controls to protect sensitive information.


Double RAG represents a transformative advancement in AI chatbot technology, setting new benchmarks for automated customer service. By leveraging two independent RAG systems, with the second powered by GroqCloud's rapid computational abilities, Ragu.AI not only addresses the challenges of traditional chatbots but also significantly advances the future of customer interactions.

For more details on how Double RAG can enhance your customer service capabilities, or to schedule a detailed demonstration, contact Ragu.AI today. Discover how Double RAG can elevate your customer engagement to new levels of precision and reliability.

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