Business Growth Powered by LLMs

Ragu is a GenAI product company that offers businesses LLM solutions powered by their company data. Our technology radically improves workplace efficiency, output quality and a company's bottom line.

We optimize LLMs for

Save Time

Complete tasks that once took hours in minutes with our data powered AI products.

Save Money

Scale up your team without adding overhead by deploying tailored AI solutions across your business.

Improve Quality

Put your company's valuable data to work by generating accurate and actionable outputs.

Ragu is Proudly Made With

Robust Security, Absolute Assurance.

Built on AWS

With AWS's robust infrastructure, we guarantee superior data integrity and system resilience.

Isolated Storage

Securely isolated storage environments protect your data with unmatched integrity.

Compliance Assurance

Ensuring compliance, Ragu AI rigorously upholds GDPR, CCPA, and more.

Admin Oversight

Enhanced security through robust admin oversight, giving you complete control over AI operations.

Chat with Ragu AI — Your Instant Consultant

Experience our AI firsthand. Engage with our custom-built Ragu assistant for immediate guidance on how Ragu can support your business. This interactive demo showcases the responsiveness and understanding of our platform, giving you a preview of the personalized assistance and smart solutions Ragu provides.

We solve LLM Limitations

Ragu takes the guesswork out of how a company can use an LLM successfully by connecting it seamlessly to a company's data source.
Large Language Model Experts
"At Bask, our strength lies in our cohesive, efficient team. With the integration of Ragu's advanced AI assistants, our operational efficiency has reached new heights, allowing us to significantly enhance our output without expanding our team."

Mike Huffsteter

Founder & CEO, Bask Suncare

Got Questions? 
We Got Answers

What is Ragu AI?

Ragu is a GenAI product company that offers businesses LLM solutions powered by their company data - this means anything produced by the AI is anchored to real company insights and information, ensuring the output is always on brand, on voice and on strategy. Above all, we make Generative AI simple and easy to use.

How do I login to ragu?


What language models does Ragu use?

We integrate the language model that best aligns with each client's objectives or needs, without bias towards any specific model.

How is pricing determined for Ragu's services?

Our pricing is tailored based on individual customer needs, ensuring alignment of cost with the value provide.

Is technical expertise required to use Ragu products?

No, our products are designed for ease of use, enabling seamless integration and benefits even for those without a technical background.

What are the benefits of partnering with Ragu?

We offer a hands-on approach, tailored solutions, direct integration into existing systems, and comprehensive AI training for your team.

How does Ragu enhance my organization?

By connecting a secure Language Model with your company data core and company information, we enable smarter decision-making and streamline operations through the deployment of LLM powered products.

Still have questions?

Whether you're wondering about specific features, integration capabilities, or how our AI solutions can align with your unique business goals, we're here to help.