We put your data to work

Ragu is an AI-powered platform that offers businesses custom AI solutions powered by their company data. Our technology radically improves workplace efficiency, output quality and a company's bottom line.

Connect Secure LLMs

to your

Save Time

Complete tasks that once took hours in minutes with our data powered AI assistants.

Save Money

Scale up your team without adding overhead by deploying tailored AI solutions across your business.

Improve Quality

Eliminate work that doesn't work by harnessing your company's strategy and guidelines across communication channels.

Chat with Ragu AI — Your Instant Consultant

Experience our AI firsthand. Engage with our custom-built Ragu assistant for immediate guidance on how Ragu can support your business. This interactive demo showcases the responsiveness and understanding of our platform, giving you a preview of the personalized assistance and smart solutions Ragu provides.

For Brands

Put your brand’s data to work with Ragu.

Eliminate Busy Work

Automate the mundane with Ragu AI and refocus your talent on where they can add the most value.

Enhance Brand Communications

Streamline dialogue across all channels with Ragu AI for a consistent brand voice.

Elevate Customer Interactions

Transform every touchpoint with Ragu AI, delivering personalized engagements that resonate with your audience.

Our ready-to-deploy AI Assistants

Discover our suite of prebuilt AI Assistants, each expertly designed to enhance specific areas of your business operations. From creative brainstorming to customer engagement.

Insight Assistant

Your data strategist, transforming customer interactions into valuable insights for impactful strategies.

HR Assistant

The HR optimizer, streamlining personnel processes and elevating your team's strategic focus.

Brand Assistant

The guardian of your brand's voice, ensuring every content piece resonates with your brand ethos.

Partner Assistant

Your collaborative liaison, ensuring partners produce content that's authentically on-brand.

Ideation Assistant

Your creative brainstorming partner, sparking innovative ideas and aligning them with brand strategy.

Your Custom Assistant

Let Ragu be your bespoke solution architect, creating AI that's tailor-made for your brand's unique needs.

Sales Assistant

A strategic sales enhancer, refining pitches and sharpening negotiation skills for your team.

Customer Support Assistant

A knowledgeable and responsive expert, providing quick answers to enhance customer experience.

For Agencies

Transform agency operations with Ragu AI. Enhance efficiency, spark creativity and exceed client expectations.

Stay on Strategy

Put your strategy to work by connecting Ragu AI with your brand plans and roadmaps.

Foster Innovation and Creativity

Levrage AI to inspire and accelerate creative processes, setting your agency apart in a competitive market.

Fast-Track Responses

Accelerate your response to client requests and new business opportunities with AI, delivering faster, more efficient solutions.

Agency-Specific AI Assistants

Discover our suite of prebuilt AI Assistants, each expertly designed to enhance specific areas of your business operations. From creative brainstorming to customer engagement.

Creative Assistant

Streamlines client brief creation, efficiently compiling necessary elements for clear documents.

Brand Assistant

Ensures creative outputs align perfectly with client brand strategies, upholding brand integrity.

New Business Assistant

Armed with the latest data, this assistant optimizes pitch preparation and new business strategies.

Talent Assistant

Matches the right talent to the right project, optimizing resource allocation and team composition.

Brand Alignment Assistant

Your strategic co-pilot, ensuring every creative idea mirrors the client's brand vision and goals.

Client Onboarding Assistant

Your rapid integration expert, swiftly acquainting teams with new client profiles for immediate momentum.

Briefing Assistant

Your detail synthesizer, crafting comprehensive client briefs for targeted, creative executions.

Your Custom Assistant

Let Ragu be your bespoke solution architect, creating AI that's tailor-made for your brand's unique needs.

Expertise Born from Marketing Industry Leadership

Our combined expertise from leading roles in global agencies and Fortune100 brands informs every aspect of our platform and approach.
By Marketers for Marketers

Robust Security, Absolute Assurance.

Built on AWS

With AWS's robust infrastructure, we guarantee superior data integrity and system resilience.

Isolated Storage

Securely isolated storage environments protect your data with unmatched integrity.

Compliance Assurance

Ensuring compliance, Ragu AI rigorously upholds GDPR, CCPA, and more.

Admin Oversight

Enhanced security through robust admin oversight, giving you complete control over AI operations.
"At Bask, our strength lies in our cohesive, efficient team. With the integration of Ragu's advanced AI assistants, our operational efficiency has reached new heights, allowing us to significantly enhance our output without expanding our team."

Mike Huffsteter

Founder & CEO, Bask Suncare

Got Questions? 
We Got Answers

What is Ragu AI?

Ragu is a A Global AI Company with World-Class Consulting Capabilities. The Ragu platform enables business leaders with custom AI solutions powered by their company data - this means anything produced by the AI is anchored to real company insights and information, ensuring the output is always on brand, on voice and on strategy. Above all, we make Generative AI simple and easy to use.

How do I login to ragu?

Visit www.app.ragu.ai 

What language models does Ragu use?

We integrate the language model that best aligns with each client's objectives or needs, without bias towards any specific model.

How is pricing determined for Ragu's services?

Our pricing is tailored based on individual customer needs, ensuring alignment of cost with the value provide.

Is technical expertise required to use Ragu products?

No, our products are designed for ease of use, enabling seamless integration and benefits even for those without a technical background.

What are the benefits of partnering with Ragu?

We offer a hands-on approach, tailored solutions, direct integration into existing systems, and comprehensive AI training for your team.

How does Ragu enhance my organization?

By connecting a secure Language Model with your company data core and company information, we enable smarter decision-making and streamline operations through the deployment of AI powered assistants.

Still have questions?

Whether you're wondering about specific features, integration capabilities, or how our AI solutions can align with your unique business goals, we're here to help.