Transforming Retail with a 24/7 Multilingual AI Shopping Concierge

Advancing luxury shopping with a 24/7 Multilingual Shopping Concierge, delivering hyper-personalized service around the clock.
Confidential Luxury Goods Retailer

The Opportunity

The realm of luxury retail holds a diverse, global customer base that demands personalized, 24/7 service. A confidential luxury goods retailer sought to transform the conventional shopping experience, aiming for a real-time, multilingual digital concierge capable of delivering hyper-personalized service around the clock. This was a unique challenge, given the needs for real-time inventory updates, effective customer data management, and integration with multiple platforms including Shopify and Salesforce CRM.

The goal was to craft a revolutionary customer interaction model driving enhanced engagement, catalyzing sales growth, and ensuring a seamless shopping experience. The project also had to address e-commerce functionality enhancements and automation of future communications.

What we did

The Ragu team tapped into its AI Sales Integration Framework and integrations with Shopify and Salesforce to craft an AI solution tailored to the retailer's specific needs. The initial phase involved the development of a customized AI system capable of understanding and processing different types of product data, creating human-like interactions with customers.

Integrating this system with Shopify allowed for real-time inventory management and enhanced e-commerce functionality, a process that took a month. A two-week period was allocated to integrate Salesforce CRM, aiming for effective customer data management and the automation of future communications. The final phase involved intensive testing and implementation to ensure functionality and reliability.

The Outcome

Ragu's tailored solution successfully revolutionized the luxury shopping experience. The 24/7 multilingual digital concierge worked flawlessly, delivering hyper-personalized service to a diverse, global customer base.

Real-time inventory updates, improved e-commerce operations, and effective customer data management contributed to enhanced customer engagement. This innovative setup helped drive significant sales growth for the luxury goods retailer.

Moreover, the automation of future communications significantly reduced manual tasks, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency. The partnership with Atlas continues, providing ongoing post-implementation support, addressing operational concerns, and making system improvements and upgrades as necessary.

"At Bask, our strength lies in our cohesive, efficient team. With the integration of Ragu's advanced AI assistants, our operational efficiency has reached new heights, allowing us to significantly enhance our output without expanding our team."

Mike Huffsteter

Founder & CEO, Bask Suncare