Increasing Brand Consistency and Efficiency with AI

A suite of AI tools designed to streamline internal and external brand communication, ensuring brand consistency and efficiency.
Bask Suncare

The opportunity

Bask Suncare, a renowned sun care brand, identified the need vs the necessity for a comprehensive set of tools to address various brand-related inquiries. The goal was not only to cater to customer service inquiries but also to provide teams with precise and in-depth knowledge about internal processes, brand tone, and more. The primary users of these tools were envisioned to be the customer support, email, social media, and creative teams. The ideal integration was through their Slack channel, ensuring easy access and usability.

What we did

Ragu embarked on the development of multiple AI tools:

Social Media AI

Trained on current social best practices, brand style, tone of voice, and content history. This AI produces six options for any social content caption across all platforms.

Email AI

Specialized in persuasive email writing, it's trained on the brand style, tone of voice, and content history. When prompted, it offers three email content options tailored to any objective.

Executive Assistant AI

A comprehensive AI trained on all company data, processes, and policies. It provides direct access to Google Drive documents and essential company information.

Customer Support AI

The ultimate resource for the customer support team, answering all questions related to the brand, products, practices, and more. The project's scope encompassed the creation of these AI tools, populating them with essential business data, defining the brand tone of voice, and organizing training sessions for optimal tool utilization. We also ensured ongoing maintenance and timely updates, all while maintaining strict confidentiality.

The outcome

The introduction of these AI tools revolutionized internal communication, significantly reducing time spent searching for information. This efficiency boost allowed teams to concentrate on their primary tasks, enhancing overall productivity. The capability to access information in the brand's tone of voice was pivotal in ensuring brand consistency across all communication mediums. With these AI tools, Ragu set the stage for Bask Suncare's ongoing growth and success.

"At Bask, our strength lies in our cohesive, efficient team. With the integration of Ragu's advanced AI assistants, our operational efficiency has reached new heights, allowing us to significantly enhance our output without expanding our team."

Mike Huffsteter

Founder & CEO, Bask Suncare