Elevate YourAgency with AI

Ragu boosts agency productivity by sharpening team focus and accelerating client communications. Our customized AI solutions streamline your operations, helping you to produce exceptional creative work at scale.

Put Your Client & Agency Data to Work

Accelerated Decision-Making

By integrating Ragu with your data sources, we empower teams with instant, data-driven insights, eliminating wasted time from concept to execution

Enhanced Team Efficacy

Ragu synthesizes agency and client data to provide tailored responses, improving team performance and strategic output.

Streamlined Creative Processes

Connect your creative projects with deep data intelligence, allowing Ragu to transform insights into impactful, brand-aligned strategies.

Meet Your New AI Assistants

Discover our suite of prebuilt AI Assistants, each expertly designed to enhance specific areas of   business operations, from creative brainstorming to customer engagement.

Creative Assistant

The Assistant is your agency’s ideation partner, powering the creative process with AI-driven insights. It's a vault of your agency and client creative history, connecting past campaigns, feedback, and outcomes to inspire new ideas that resonate with your client’s brief. With this assistant, your creative team can wield the power of your agency’s full creative DNA, ensuring every concept is both fresh and historically informed. It's like having a creative director's wisdom encapsulated in AI form, ready to guide your team's ideation sessions.

Brand Assistant

Our Brand Steward Assistant is the guardian of your client's brand integrity, meticulously ensuring that every piece of creative work aligns with their strategy. Acting as an objective authority, this AI cross-references creative outputs with brand guidelines, reducing the back-and-forth that can slow down campaign progress. It keeps your client’s voice consistent across all channels, reinforcing brand identity with every message. This AI steward is your assurance of brand consistency, a vigilant protector of your client's image.

New Business Assistant

The New Business Assistant is your strategic edge in pitch preparation, feeding your team with AI-driven insights and up-to-date industry data. This assistant combs through past interactions and market reports, equipping you with the strategic ammunition to craft winning pitches. It’s the key to unlocking a prospective client's needs, ensuring your proposals are backed by the most relevant insights. With this tool, your pitches are not just presentations; they're data-backed strategies designed to win new business.

Talent Assistant

The Talent Assistant is your agency’s key to optimized resource allocation, leveraging AI to match project requirements with the perfect blend of internal expertise. It ensures that teams are composed of the right mix of skills and experience, enhancing your agency's agility and creative output. This tool takes the guesswork out of talent management, allowing for strategic team assembly that aligns with project needs and timelines. It’s a talent optimization expert, ensuring that your most valuable resource—your people—are exactly where they need to be.

Brand Alignment Assistant

The Brand Alignment Assistant is your proactive tool for ensuring that the creative concepts leaving your agency are perfectly aligned with client expectations. It evaluates your ideas against a comprehensive profile of the client's brand, operational realities, and market positioning. This assistant acts as a bridge between your agency's creative efforts and the client's strategic direction, ensuring that your pitches hit the mark every time. It's a crucial step in your creative process, guaranteeing that client presentations are well-received and in tune with brand objectives.

Client Onboarding Assistant

Streamline the client onboarding experience with our specialized AI, designed to quickly assimilate and disseminate client brand guidelines, history, and expectations. It ensures that your team members are rapidly equipped with knowledge to hit the ground running, fostering a seamless transition. This assistant acts as a rapid onboarding conduit, keeping every team member in sync with client narratives from the outset. It's an onboarding accelerator, ensuring that your agency can deliver on new client expectations without missing a beat.

Briefing Assistant

Our Briefing Assistant is the ultimate tool for crafting client briefs, synthesizing history, campaign data, and strategic objectives into coherent documents. It streamlines the briefing process, allowing your team to focus on delivering compelling creative solutions rather than getting bogged down in the details. This assistant ensures that every campaign brief is comprehensive, strategic, and aligned with client goals. It's like having an extra strategist on your team, one that works tirelessly to set the stage for successful campaigns.

Your Custom Assistant

Unique challenges require unique solutions. Ragu specializes in crafting custom AI assistants tailored specifically to your business's individual challenges and opportunities. Our collaborative approach guarantees a precision-fit AI, designed to your exact specifications and seamlessly integrated within your current workflows.

Harness Every Creative Spark

Dive deep into your agency's rich creative legacy for inspiration. Every piece of past brilliance is now a building block for new ideas.

Inspire new campaigns
Utilize historical success
Boost creative ideation

Build Your Perfect Team

Get a clear view of your agency's talent, matching people to projects where they'll perform their best.

Optimize resource matching
Tailor skills to tasks
Maximize team potential

Win Clients with Insight

Equip your RFPs and pitches with the latest insights and data. Turn every proposal into a compelling narrative that reflects what makes your agency special.

Informed by real data
Strategic pitch crafting
Improve client acquisition

Eliminate the Exposure of Proprietary Information

Robust AI Security

Your client and agency assets are guarded by Ragu's bespoke security solutions, crafted to protect without reliance on open-source models.

No 3rd Party LLM Training

Your data will never be used to inform third-party LLMs, meaning your agency's and clients' privacy data is never part of third-party LLM training, ensuring your confidential information remains just that—confidential.

Isolated Data Storage

Ragu provides a secure repository for your agency's and clients' data, with isolated storage that prevents cross-contamination with external databases.

Got Questions? 
We Got Answers

What is Ragu AI?

Ragu is a GenAI product company that offers businesses LLM solutions powered by their company data - this means anything produced by the AI is anchored to real company insights and information, ensuring the output is always on brand, on voice and on strategy. Above all, we make Generative AI simple and easy to use.

How do I login to ragu?

Visit www.app.ragu.ai 

What language models does Ragu use?

We integrate the language model that best aligns with each client's objectives or needs, without bias towards any specific model.

How is pricing determined for Ragu's services?

Our pricing is tailored based on individual customer needs, ensuring alignment of cost with the value provide.

Is technical expertise required to use Ragu products?

No, our products are designed for ease of use, enabling seamless integration and benefits even for those without a technical background.

What are the benefits of partnering with Ragu?

We offer a hands-on approach, tailored solutions, direct integration into existing systems, and comprehensive AI training for your team.

How does Ragu enhance my organization?

By connecting a secure Language Model with your company data core and company information, we enable smarter decision-making and streamline operations through the deployment of LLM powered products.

Still have questions?

Whether you're wondering about specific features, integration capabilities, or how our AI solutions can align with your unique business goals, we're here to help.