We Make The Complex Simple

Ragu (Retrieval Augmented Generation Utility) was designed to demystify and streamline complex AI infrastructures, offering businesses an effortless integration experience, operating as a comprehensive, secure, and customizable tool that connects seamlessly with your company's tech stack.

Our Technology Pillars

We put security at the forefront of everything we do, handling your data with the utmost security and compliance.

Isolated Storage

Dedicated, secure compartments for each client's data, enhancing confidentiality.

Robust Admin

Comprehensive control and management options for maintaining system integrity.

AWS Hosted

Leveraging AWS's secure, reliable infrastructure for high data availability and integrity.

Fully Compliant

Adheres to SOC 1 and GDPR standards, ensuring data protection.

Unleashing the Power of Retrieval-Augmented Generation

The RAG System is a sophisticated blend of AI technologies that not only stores your data but also understands and utilizes it in a way that's uniquely tailored to your business's needs, sorting through your data and organizing it in ways the AI can access and understand.


We begin by securely storing all your business data — from spreadsheets and documents to emails and customer interactions. This vast repository acts as the memory center for your AI, ensuring that every piece of data is accessible and ready for analysis.


Armed with this extensive knowledge base, the RAG System then generates intelligent, context-aware responses and insights. Whether it's crafting personalized communication, analyzing market trends, or offering customer support, the system leverages your unique data to provide solutions that are relevant and specific to your business.

Data WeaverTM: Turning Disparate Data into Business Intelligence

Data WeaverTM extracts valuable information from diverse sources like emails, documents, and social media, handling both structured and unstructured data. It seamlessly integrates this data into your project management and CRM tools.

Data Organization
Insight Generation
Enterprise Ready
Multiple Inputs
CRM Integrations
Enhanced Outputs

Ragu Advances AI Productivity and Customization

AI Productivity Unlocked

Deposit your documents and communications into your own Ragu knowledge base, and watch as the platform processes this data, building advanced AI Assistants uniquely attuned to your business requirements.

Custom AI Solutions for Every Business

Ragu redefines AI utility for businesses and consumers alike. By leveraging your proprietary data, Ragu creates custom AI solutions that align perfectly with your business model and customer needs.

Unparalleled Flexibility and Precision

Ragu brings unmatched flexibility to your AI solutions. Our platform's ability to interface with any LLM and its diverse data encoding options make it an unparalleled tool in enterprise software.