AI-Driven Growth for Brands

We recognize the intricate dynamics of brands. Our AI solutions are the product of collaboration between operational and marketing experts, ensuring a well-rounded approach.

Put your Company Data to Work

Accelerated Decision-Making

By integrating Ragu with your data sources, we empower teams with instant, data-driven insights, eliminating wasted time from concept to execution

Enhanced Team Efficacy

Ragu synthesizes agency and client data to provide tailored responses, improving team performance and strategic output.

Streamlined Creative Processes

Connect your creative projects with deep data intelligence, allowing Ragu to transform insights into impactful, brand-aligned strategies.

Meet Your New AI Assistants

Discover our suite of prebuilt AI Assistants, each expertly designed to enhance specific areas of   business operations, from creative brainstorming to customer engagement.

Ideation Assistant

The Ideation Assistant is your team's strategic partner in creative conceptualization, adept at generating ideas that resonate with your brand's unique objectives and history. It draws from a comprehensive database of past campaigns and feedback, ensuring each session builds upon your brand's legacy. This AI doesn't just generate ideas; it ensures they're informed by your brand's entire creative journey. It's an invaluable tool for keeping your brainstorming grounded and goal-oriented.

Brand Assistant

Brand Consistency Assistant is your safeguard for brand identity, ensuring every piece of content aligns with your brand's voice and guidelines across all languages and platforms. This AI tool is both a creator and a curator, generating new ideas while also reviewing existing content for consistency. By maintaining a uniform brand identity across all marketing efforts, it reinforces your brand's message and presence. It acts as a vigilant protector of your brand's image, ensuring consistency in every communication.

Sales Assistant

The Sales Assistant empowers your sales team with AI-driven strategies and persuasive techniques, enhancing the sales process. This AI tool leverages extensive sales materials to guide professionals towards closing deals effectively. It synthesizes methodologies to offer a strategic edge, optimizing the sales cycle from pitch to close. As a tactical ally, it ensures that every sales interaction is informed, strategic, and efficient.

Customer Support Assistant

The Customer Support Assistant is an AI-powered aid designed to provide comprehensive support, ensuring customer inquiries are met with informed and brand-consistent responses. It's fine-tuned to deliver assistance that aligns with your brand's tone and customer service philosophy. This AI tool enhances the quality and consistency of your customer interactions, making every touchpoint an opportunity to reinforce your brand's values. It acts as an extension of your customer service team, providing reliable, on-brand support.

HR Assistant

The HR Assistant streamlines your human resources workflow, managing routine queries and freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives and employee engagement. By interfacing directly with your HR systems, it acts as a responsive point of contact for queries, providing quick and precise support. This tool is designed to enhance the operational efficiency of your HR department, ensuring that staff can dedicate more time to talent management and strategic HR planning. It's an essential tool in the machinery of your HR operations, ensuring smooth and efficient personnel management.

Partner Assistant

The Brand Partner Assistant facilitates collaboration with freelancers and external partners, ensuring they have access to vital brand materials and guidelines. This AI ensures that content created by external partners remains true to your brand's identity and voice. It serves as a bridge, translating your brand's essence into actionable insights for content creation. As a collaborative tool, it guarantees that every piece of outsourced content reflects your brand's standards and strategic goals.

Insight Assistant

The Customer Insight Assistant is an analytical AI tool that integrates with your CRM and social media platforms to extract and interpret customer data. This AI provides nuanced insights, enabling your team to develop strategies and campaigns that resonate deeply with your target audience. It turns vast datasets into actionable intelligence, informing how you engage and connect with customers. This assistant is your strategic advisor, using customer insights to shape brand strategies that are both effective and resonant.

Your Custom Assistant

Unique challenges require unique solutions. Ragu specializes in crafting custom AI assistants tailored specifically to your business's individual challenges and opportunities. Our collaborative approach guarantees a precision-fit AI, designed to your exact specifications and seamlessly integrated within your current workflows.

Eliminate high frequency, low value tasks.

Redirect your team’s focus to where it matters most. Ragu AI handles the routine, so your team doesn’t have to.

Increased team focus
Reduced manual workload
Enhanced productivity

Consistency Made Simple

Ragu AI ensures your brand speaks with one voice, clear and consistent across every channel. Streamline your communications effortlessly.

Cohesive communication
Empower every team member
Consistent customer experience

Personalize Every Customer Touchpoint

Transform each customer touchpoint into a personalized journey with Ragu AI. Make every interaction count with tailored engagement.

Deep customer insights
Memorable brand experiences
Superior customer support

AI Security: Protecting Your Company's IP

Proprietary AI Security

Your data's privacy is protected by Ragu's unique, custom-built security measures, not reliant on any open-source models.

No 3rd Party LLM Training

With Ragu, your data is never part of third-party LLM training, ensuring your confidential information remains just that—confidential.

Isolated Data Storage

Ragu's isolated storage ensures your data never commingles with external sources, maintaining the privacy of your information.

Got Questions? 
We Got Answers

What is Ragu AI?

Ragu is a GenAI product company that offers businesses LLM solutions powered by their company data - this means anything produced by the AI is anchored to real company insights and information, ensuring the output is always on brand, on voice and on strategy. Above all, we make Generative AI simple and easy to use.

How do I login to ragu?


What language models does Ragu use?

We integrate the language model that best aligns with each client's objectives or needs, without bias towards any specific model.

How is pricing determined for Ragu's services?

Our pricing is tailored based on individual customer needs, ensuring alignment of cost with the value provide.

Is technical expertise required to use Ragu products?

No, our products are designed for ease of use, enabling seamless integration and benefits even for those without a technical background.

What are the benefits of partnering with Ragu?

We offer a hands-on approach, tailored solutions, direct integration into existing systems, and comprehensive AI training for your team.

How does Ragu enhance my organization?

By connecting a secure Language Model with your company data core and company information, we enable smarter decision-making and streamline operations through the deployment of LLM powered products.

Still have questions?

Whether you're wondering about specific features, integration capabilities, or how our AI solutions can align with your unique business goals, we're here to help.