The Ragu Solutions Story

Ragu began as a consulting company helping clients by building Retrieve and Generate (RAG) powered chatbots, which can converse knowledgeably on topics including company proprietary data sources and insights.
However, through continuous innovation and development of exclusive technologies, we have evolved into a cutting-edge AI solution provider.
Our focus now lies in empowering businesses to harness the power of LLMs, enabling employees to concentrate on their strengths while AI handles tasks it excels at, ultimately driving efficiency and competitive advantage for our clients.

The solutions

RAG Sync

Synchronizes your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive with our RAG system for real-time updates, ensuring consistent data accuracy and enhanced LLM performance.

Advanced Chatbot

Excellent for speed and advanced reasoning - the Ragu chatbot is deployable internally to assist in all manner of tasks (HR, Marketing, Sales, etc…) and externally for customer support; it includes a built-in Governance Layer to eliminate hallucinations.

Double RAG

A process that utilizes two RAG systems to triple-check responses for accuracy, improving output quality. Double RAG forms the basis of our Governance Layer systemwide, ensuring LLM outputs are reliable. Public-facing chatbots need Double RAG.

LLM Overclocking

Generates responses by analyzing and refining user requests, adding relevant details and context, and employing a multi-step process to develop accurate, comprehensive, and tailored answers - increases client satisfaction scores from 70% to over 95%.

Document Builder

Generates long-form content (overcoming LLM token limits), integrating data, and enabling the generation of high-quality, context-rich documents.

Data Weaver

Harnesses the full potential locked in company email, call, meeting and other unstructured data, by extracting valuable information (like customer profiles and tasks), and making it available to AI, CRM and ERP systems.

Logic from Probability Processing (LPP)

Generates responses based on patterns and data, forming the core of Ragu's future advanced AI capabilities. LPP can be used to establish complex LLM processing pipelines that break up very large tasks into smaller ones that are easily accomplished. Picking a new location for an Amazon service Hub from anywhere in the USA, is an example of a 1,300+ task LPP process.
"At Bask, our strength lies in our cohesive, efficient team. With the integration of Ragu's advanced AI assistants, our operational efficiency has reached new heights, allowing us to significantly enhance our output without expanding our team."

Mike Huffsteter

Founder & CEO, Bask Suncare